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The New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism (Vol 1) compiled by Burling Hull.  1972 revised, enlarged and illustrated edition.  208 pages, 8 ½ by 11 in the very attractive 3 ring binder (the nicely printed version!).   VG, unmarked copy.  $75
Larry Becker’s World of Super Mentalism (Book One). (12) plus 156 pages, 8 ½ by 11, spiral bound. A clean, unmarked copy with only very light wear.  $25
Larry Becker’s World of Super Mentalism Book Two. July 1979, copy #298 of only 350 numbered copies, issue price was $75!  (8) plus 275 pages, 8 ½ by 11, spiral bound. Unmarked copy, light wear. $65
Larry Becker’s Mentalism for Magicians.  Now uncommon 1981 Jeff Busby-Matt Corin Publication.  (6) plus 66 pages.  Fine copy.  $35
Mindreading and Telepathy by Erik Jan Hanussen.  2008, 153 pages, 7 ¾ by 11.  VG copy of a book on “Hitler’s Clairvoyant” that rapidly went out of print.  Part biography, largely on his methods.  $75
The Professional Séance: A Manual & Reference Text by Craig S. Armes.  1990, 44 pages 8 ½ by 11.  Mint copy. $40
The Encyclopedia of Mentalism and Allied Arts by Robert Nelson.  1944 First Edition, First Printing.  The deluxe HB edition, gold titles on blue cloth front cover and spine. Printed on first quality finished paper, profusely illustrated.  Fine ink inscription, signed and dated by Nelson, to Canadian magician and collector Tom Auburn.  A very nice copy in the uncommon art dust jacket.  $75
Sealed Vision by Will Dexter.  1956, 66 pages plus ads.  Original black cloth, silver titling on front cover and spine, in the clever dust jacket.  A  complete treatise on blindfold methods and effects.   $35
Al Baker’s Mental Magic.  1949, xii plus 116 pages.  A fine, unmarked copy in the original pictorial blue cloth.  A fine Carl Jones Publication.  $35
Daemons, Darklings and Doppelgangers by Tony Shiels. 1968, 64 pages, very nice, clean copy, hardbound  in dust jacket.  Fine material for those appreciating magic with a bizarre slant.  $35
Miracles of my Friends II by Burton S.Sperber is the welcome follow-up to his 1982 first volume.  The previous book is long out of print and this volume is limited to only 1000 copies.  Included are favorite mental effects of Larry Becker, Leo Behnke, David Ben, Robin DeWitt, Paul Draper, Ed Fowler, Paul Green, Scott Grossberg,  Todd Karr, Nick Lewin, Max Maven, Jack Tillar and others including nine by the author.  This is a beautifully designed book by Leo Behnke, gold stamped front cover and spine with two Magic Castle cards mounted to the front cover.  xiv plus 124 pages.  $60
The Nail Writer Anthology by Thomas Baxter.  2010.  vi plus 185 pages, hardbound in dust jacket.  Tom starts with a truly comprehensive history of the nail writer with a surprise for those who thought it first appeared in print in Truesdell’s Bottom Facts Concerning the Science of Spiritualism in 1883 (including me until I had read an early draft of this book).  He covers all types of writers including how to make your own and then dozens of routines from top mentalists world-wide.  Baxter concludes with a nice bibliography.  Highly recommended for both the historian and the practicing mentalist.  New copies, $50. 
The Art of Stage Mind Reading or Second Sight.  1913. 55 pages in original pictorial wraps.  Fine copy.  $15

Magick (Bascom Jones).  Finally a quality reprint of the entire 496 issues plus bonus inserts plus all indexes, including to the final issue.  This fine set is beautifully hardbound in maroon cloth, gold stamped on front covers and spines.  This set contains more than 2,500 pages and more than 1,400 effects.  Added is a new Introduction and each volume contains a new Foreword.  Magick was noted for the very high quality of the material and I always looked forward to each issue.  This is limited to only 500 sets, $795/ set of 5 volumes.

The Compleat Magick: Testament and Complete Indexes.  The comprehensive Index Volume recently published to match the beautiful maroon bound set.  93 pages, 8 ½ by 11.  Includes other material pertaining to Bascom Jones’ periodical and other mentalism material by leading contributors.  $45
Gems of Mental Magic by John Brown Cook and Arthur Buckley with Introduction by John Mulholland.  The 132 page, 1973 reprint of the 1947 classic on mentalism.  New, but damp-wrinkled copy: $4
SH-H-H! It’s a Secret by Ted Annemann.  50 pages of mental routines.  Fine copy, $10
202 Methods of Forcing by Ted Annemann.  35 pages of card forces, number forces, miscellaneous forces.  (Did you know there are actually 205?)  VG copy - $5
Magic and Mystery:  The Incredible Psychic Investigations of Harry Houdini and Joseph Dunninger.  1967 202 pages.  Fine copy, Hard bound in dust jacket.  $20
Marie Boxley,  Astro Fate.  1984, 61 pages plus Astro Fate wheel.  A guide to doing astrology reading.  Several new copies.  $10 each.
Out of the Spook Cabinet by Herman L. Weber.  1947 31 pages of producing a spook show and of spooky effects.   $5
Dariel Fitzkee, Contact Mind Reading - Expanded.  Third edition - enlarged. 1970. 38 pages.  "A complete and clear explanation of the nearest approach to genuine mind reading."
"May be done anywhere, at a moment's notice, without special apparatus or preparation." Mint copy.  $10
Bud Morris - Extra Sensory Deception. 1971, 40 pages of  magic with electronics, mentalism, gags, etc.  fine copy $5
Richard Himber's Mental Masterpiece.  Specially printed magazine and instructions for this book test.  Incredibly fine copy.  $25
Hereward Carrington - The "Psycho" Mind Reading Act.  Published by Thayer.  No Date. 16 pages.  Fine copy $5
Leading Reading: An Approach to Cold Reading by Luke Jermay. 2008, 27 pages, new copies. $13
Spook Show issue of The Bat.  1948.  Featured is the Francisco Midnight Spook Frolic written by the late Sid Fleischman, who traveled with the midnight show.  A few fine copies at only $3 each
8-King Setup for the Mentalist by Frank E. Blaisdell, M.D.  1982, vi plus 24 pages.  As new copy.  $7

The Bert Reese Docimasy by Al Mann.  27 pages, 8 ½ by 11, spiral bound in yellow pictorial covers.  A clean, unmarked copy in VG condition.  $35

I’ll Read Your Mind by Aage Darling.  1953, 51 pages plus ads.  A fine hardbound copy in fine DJ.  $25
Magic of the Mind: A Collection of Over Fifty Mental Effects by Lewis Ganson.  Harry Stanley First Edition.  (6) plus 114 pages plus ads.  Illustrated with photos and line drawings.  A nice HB copy.  $40
Books by Bob Cassidy:

Pseudo-Mentally Yours by Robert Cassidy.  1977, 32 pages in textured flexible tan covers.  Near fine copy - $30

The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy Volume 2.  2013 First Edition.  viii plus 413 pages, HB in DJ.  New copies - $65 and I’ll pay shipping in the U.S.

Books b y  T. A. Waters:

Octasm by T. A. Waters.  1982, 36 pages in pictorial yellow covers.  Fine copy - $15

Psychometry by T. A. Waters.  1981, 32 pages in pictorial yellow covers.  Fine copy - $15

Trionic by T. A. Waters.  1981, 15 pages in pictorial yellow covers.  Fine copy - $15