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The Ultimate Okito Encore completes Dr Robert Albo’s trilogy of books devoted to Okito and the Bamberg Dynasty.  This is a deluxe volume, HB in acetate jacket with 56 pages in lavish full color of apparatus, photographs, letters and other memorabilia associated with Okito and the Bamberg Dynasty that have not been published previously.  In pockets in the rear are a newly minted and beautifully produced Okito token and a DVD of performance of Okito magic – Floating Ball, Penetration of Matter, Bowl of Gobi, Checker Cabinet, Kuma Tubes, Nested Tubes, etc.  Included is a deluxe slipcase to house this volume and Dr Albo’s previous book, The Ultimate Okito Addendum.  The Okito Encore set is $150 plus postage.

THE ULTIMATE THAYER by Dr. Robert Albo and Phil Schwartz is in stock for immediate shipment.  This consists of:

  1. An oversize, 9” by 12” hardbound volume of pictures and history of Thayer’s magical life.  This has more than 250 pages and is in full color throughout.
  2. A second, matching volume with color photos of more than 400 pieces of Thayer-Owen apparatus, with catalog descriptions and additional information.  This also has more than 250 pages in full color.
  3. A folder containing ten DVDs of performance of the apparatus shown in the second volume, plus historical footage dating back more than seventy years.
  4. A reproduction of the true first Thayer Catalog (yellow covers, not red) including the loose photos, as issued.  This is reproduced from the only known complete copy, which is in my collection. This is in an envelope on the inside back cover of the first volume.
  5. A beautiful, newly minted Thayer commemorative token housed in an envelope on the inside back cover of the second volume.
  6. A hardbound slipcase to hold all of the above, lavishly decorated in gold on black cloth (Thayer colors).
The Ultimate Thayer is limited to only 400 sets.  The price is $450 plus postage. 
The Dr Albo issue of Genii.  The July 1988 issue featured Bob on the cover and contains an eight full page article with many nice photos of the Albo collection B.C. (Before Copperfield).  I put a copy with my Albo Supplements (it fits perfectly in the final storage box now listed for the first time) and I thought you might like to do the same.  I have several mint copies at only $3 each. 
The Thayer Commemorative Token.  This must be about the most beautiful magic token ever minted, and I think I’ve seen them all over my 35 years of collecting tokens.  It’s a thick, solid, brass token, deeply embossed on both front and reverse, in a plastic holder.  400 were placed in The Ultimate Thayer.  Only 100 additional tokens were minted.  Plans were to sell these only after Ultimate Thayer sets are sold out, and then for $75.  I was able to obtain a dozen of these for only $25 each.

Dr. Albo: Complete set of the first three Supplements to go into Volume Eight, consisting of:

  1. Title page
  2. The Okito Timeline (by Eric Lewis)
  3. Floyd Thayer
  4. Force Books and Book Tests (by Bill Kuethe)

This is a new set, removed from the shrinkwrap to photograph and replaced.  All for only $65

Dr. Robert Albo, Volume Two (Classic Magic With Apparatus)  1976. Limited to 1,000 copies.  New copy, with correction sheet laid in.  $250
Dr. Robert Albo, Volume 3 (More Classic Magic With Apparatus)  1977. Limited to 1,000 copies.  New copy.  $300
Further Classic Magic With Apparatus (Volume Four) by Dr Robert Albo.  1979.  Limited to only 700 copies and long out of print.  An as new copy in an as new Mylar jacket.  $350
Dr. Robert Albo, Volume Nine (Additional Classic Magic With Apparatus) 1998. Limited to 1,000 copies.  New copy, with errata sheet laid in.  $300
Dr. Robert Albo, Volume Ten (History and Mystery of Magic)  2001 Limited to only 500 copies.  New copy.  $400
Dr Robert Albo – acetate jackets for his Classic Magic Series.  I’m often asked for replacement acetate covers for these.  I found a few extras that fit Vol 1 to 7 and Vol 9 to 11.  $5 each plus postage and $2 for the box to ship.

Magic Collecting by Dr. Robert Albo.  16 pages, 8 ½ by 11 in pictorial wraps.  This contains Dr. Albo’s thoughts on collecting and his career as a collector plus 53 photos of the famous Albo Collection.  As new copy..  This is one of the supplements to go in your Volume Eight or to stand alone. A few mint copies at $25

Magic by Dr Robert Albo is an 8 ½ by 11 brochure issued as an exhibition catalog and contains many photos and descriptions of apparatus in the Albo collection, plus some posters in my collection.  This will fit in your volume Eight (the binder) or stand alone. A few mint copies, $25
The Magic of Germany by Dr Robert Albo was the first of his “Magic by Country” series.  This contains 21 pages, of which 4 pages are on the magic shops of Germany, followed by 70 photos of German made apparatus, all with descriptions.  A few new copies are available for $25.
Dr. Robert Albo, Thoughts And Reminiscences On The History And Mystery Of Magic.  2004  Included is a color section of antique conjuror's  tables, a tipped-in color plate of Robert-Houdin, and a pocket in the rear containing Dr. Albo's magicians mirror.  Hold the mirror on the Pharoah's chin and you can read the mystery message.  All for $75
The Posters of Dr. Robert Albo.  About 1980 Dr. Albo commissioned the production of two full color posters, each 23” by 28”.  One depicts hundreds of pieces of magic apparatus, the other shows illusions performed by Houdini, Kellar and Herrmann.  I have a few mint sets for $50 plus postage for both.
Dr. Robert Albo, The Magic of Floyd Thayer. Video Edition. 24 pages in pictorial wraps. Photo illustrated history of the Thayer Company. Well over 100 photos of Thayer apparatus.  Fine copy.  $20

Dr. Robert Albo, Oriental Magic of the Bambergs, Video Edition 1992,  32 pages, many photos of Okito plus 55 photos of Okito apparatus. $20
Dr. Robert Albo, The Ultimate Okito.  2007.  Two volume set in slipcase.  One volume of text, one volume contains 8 DVDs of Dr. Albo performing 120  Okito effects, plus a sequence of Okito performing.  Limited to 400 sets.  $500
 The Ultimate Okito Addendum.  2008 This is the deluxe hardbound volume, full color throughout, with the Okito material that was discovered since the previous volume.  A pocket in the rear contains a DVD with an additional 20 Okito effects being performed by Dr. Albo.  There is a large, fold-out Okito poster tipped in.  Limited to 400 copies.  $200
The Eight DVDs in The Ultimate Okito.  Although Bob produced only 400 complete sets of The Ultimate Okito there were some extra sets of the eight DVDs.  If you would like to keep your Okito book set complete but have a set of DVDs by your DVD player, these are $15 per DVD or the complete set of eight for $100.
The DVD (Disc 9) for The Ultimate Okito Addendum.  Although Bob produced only 400 sets of The Ultimate Okito Addendum there were a few extra DVDs.  If you would like to keep your book set complete but have the DVD by your DVD player these are only $20 each
Thayer Magical Woodcraft true first catalog (reproduction).  Although Bob produced only 400 sets of The Ultimate Thayer, there were a few extras of the Thayer catalog.  The first magician’s table is depicted in the catalog, the loose photos are not included here.  Eight pages in bright yellow wraps. If you would like one to go with your Thayer catalogs these are only $10 each.
Dr Robert Albo “History and Mystery of Magic” magicians mirror..  Bob produced these to go in his “Thoughts and Reminiscences on the History and Mystery of Magic” publication (to hold to the Pharoah’s chin to read the mystery message).  If you would like one to place in your magicians mirror collection (or just to carry or use in a trick) there are a few available for $25 each.
Dr Robert Albo’s “Classic Magic Series” magicians mirror.  Bob produced 20 of these, never used in his publications.  Only a few are available for $25 each.
Dr Robert Albo.  The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs Video Library.  1992.  The set consists of 4 VHS videos of Dr Albo demonstrating and explaining Okito effects, housed in a colorful case with 32 page booklet.  These sold for $300 and 3 new sets were discovered in the Albo home.  (Most, if not all of the effects are in the Ultimate Okito DVD set).  If you would like the set on VHS – half price at only $150 each.
The Magic of Floyd Thayer Video Library.  1996.  The set consists of 4 VHS videos of Dr Albo demonstrating and explaining effects built by Floyd Thayer, housed in an attractive case with a 24 page booklet.  These sold for $300 and 3 new sets were discovered in the Albo home.  (Most, if not all are in The Ultimate Thayer DVD set).  If you would like the set on VHS – half price at only $150.